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Basket Case

Basket Case

Movie & Online Platform
Created by: 
Matilde Correia da Silva

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
― William James

It is 2019, in a small town in the State of Massachusetts - where everyone knows everyone, or at least they think so ...

The truth is that we see some people every day, and therefore believe that we know them. But do you really have an idea what is truly going on in somebody’s life, what their struggles are, why they seem so happy or sad or tired on a particular day? What do you really know about a person?

On a winter afternoon, a seemingly random group of people steps in an auditorium, each one for a different reason, none of them with a clue of what would happen - not knowing that they would grow so much and so close in only about two hours. Those who bought a ticket thought they were going to a book presentation. But with or without a ticket, nobody was expecting what would unfold...

The host of the evening is book author Laurence Phoenix. Apparently a stranger to them all, but how could he know anything and everything about what the people in the audience were feeling? How could he touch them in a way that no one else they knew had? “I’m not here to tell you the story of the book you’ll eventually read,” Laurence tells the audience. “I’m here to hear your stories and to share mine.” And so we learn about the unique and very different stories of our 8 protagonists, many of them considering themselves a ‘lost cause’ - or ‘basket case’. Little did they know that opening up, connecting, and sharing, could be so important and riveting, that knowing that their lives were valued, and that what they thought did matter.
Throughout this drama/comedy the audience will witness a play, a love, a monologue in which life is questioned, a fight, a musical moment, old friendships being re-built, a new concept of poetry, a discovery, a union, a chance taken, an innuendo, and above all, connection!

About the Creator - Matilde Correia da Silva
Matilde Silva is 14 years old and from Portugal. She has been writing poetry since the age of 7. This is her first movie script.

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