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Factual - Investigative Documentary Series
Created by: 
Exploding Plastic Studios / itv

You've been hacked.

HACKED is a riveting docuseries that raises awareness for the reality of living in an increasingly digital world.
At Defcon, an 11-year-old boy was able to change the results on a mock Florida election website. It took him 10 minutes. Hackers took remote access of cars to shut down safety features. An Amazon Alexa flaw
turned Echo smart speaker into eavesdropping devices. … In an all encompassing digital world the attacks
on personal privacy, safety – and democracy are ever present.

Each episode follows one topic and investigates past and present hacking scandals, e.g.
Hacking Nations: attack on democracy
Hacking Corporations: industrial surveillance & espionage
Hacking Privacy: from identity theft to attacks on cars and homes
Hacking Currencies: the rise of crypto-currencies

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