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World Affairs

World Affairs

Fiction - Political Drama Series
Created by: 
Yule Caise

Who you screw matters

World Affairs is a one-hour serialized drama set in New York City, with a self-contained storyline each week. It’s a hot, prime time show set at the UN. Created by Yule Caise, (NBC’s Heroes, BET’s Tales) the series takes the old, staid model of UN diplomacy and tosses it under a bus. The show focuses on the lives and loves of young United Nations staffers whose actions can, and do, influence world events. Because it’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of money, friends in high places and Diplomatic Immunity.

Our hero, WILLIAM BUTTERFLY, is an orphan with a chip on his shoulder. Raised in a world of privilege, he’s a cultural and ethnic mutt who’s painfully aware that his access to power is due to his own tragic circumstances. Born poor, William is taken in by the influential Crawford family when a freak accident claims the life of his father and their son. His adoptive mother, Hedda Crawford, is a powerful socialite whose iron fist is cloaked inside her velvet glove. A secret bonds her to William, beyond their shared tragedy.

Diplomacy is William’s calling, but it’s his skills in negotiating the lives and loves of others that proves to be his most valuable diplomatic asset. Much of the action takes place at The International, a Trump style luxury building located near the UN, where several key characters live. And while the show is international in scope, it takes place almost entirely in New York City.

In the fast-paced, sexy arena of 21st century diplomacy, we discover that it’s bedrooms not boardrooms that drive World Affairs.

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