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 May 6 - 8, 2019 Berlin 


"Together we must rethink political frameworks, corporate structures and the ecosystem! Because the changes that digitalisation brings no longer affect only additional business and individual start-ups, but have spread to the core-business.


It’s about our workplaces and our everyday lives. It’s about nothing less than our values, our democracy, and a society which we’d like to live in.

In other words – Playing for Keeps!"

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#MCB19: Between cliché and reality – the path to new content 


One of the projects which will be presented here with a strong team is the Vox production “Das Wichtigste im Leben” (“The Most Important Thing in Life”), the station’s first series produced without an international template. Besides the leads Jürgen Vogel (“The Wave”) and Bettina Lamprecht (“Die Känguru-Chroniken” – “The Kangaroo Chronicles”), director Laura Lackmann (“Too Hard to Handle”), writer Richard Kropf (“4 Blocks”), producer Lasse Scharpen (Bantry Bay) as well as Hauke Bartel (Head of Fiction, VOX) will be present.

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MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin - Recap Clip 2018
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