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3216 DAYS

This is how much time humanity has remaining until the year 2030, the deadline set by the United Nations for its Sustainability Goals.


The vast majority of climate scientists, sociologists, and activists believe that the earth’s fate will be determined by our actions and behaviors over the next ten years. However, this view of the crisis hides a deep truth, that 2030 and the nine years leading up to it, are right now and right here.


But this crisis is not simply about the climate. It is about the only thing we have never really faced… ourselves.


It is about each of our individual capacities to be HERE now. It is about going inward, and asking ourselves one simple question...

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<HERE is a social movement language designed to unify, accelerate and amplify awareness and solutions for all individuals, organizations, and causes endeavoring to do good in the world. 


HERE allows you to create global impact by scaling at a personal, cultural, and actionable level.

In other words, HERE is wherever YOU are.


The world of social media has become overwhelmed by billions of subjects, all aggregated by the use of two keystrokes,  the # (number sign) and the @ (at sign). 


HERE introduces the third keystroke into the social media sphere, the “<“ sign/keystroke or the “here for” sign (aka “less than” sign).


“<” The ‘HERE for’ Sign

The ‘HERE for’ sign “<” has the potential to be a more targeted and specific tool than either the “#” or the “@” signs. 

HERE’s goal is to become a new language for good. By creating new values for the public, and becoming a powerful amplifier of change for the world.  When crisis strikes, when there is disaster, or suffering on the planet. We will be HERE.

The HERE Sign
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The Power of HERE


HERE’s mission is to integrate the world of good into all aspects of our consumer and digital habits, ultimately eliminating ‘slacktivism’ and making doing good a shared part of our cultural technology.


Being “HERE for” something becomes a simple yet empowering way for anyone to take charge of what they believe in.

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The Artists


The Artists





Artists serve as a reflection of what the public values. 

HERE takes the powers bestowed upon them and uses it to bridge the gap that stands between the climate crisis and the public. 


HERE is recruiting ten artists, each HERE for a specific aspect of the climate crisis.


These artists will act as the megaphones for change, the heroes in an epic crisis. 


HERE will use the HERE for (<) sign in both digital and physical art spaces for creating meaningful and disruptive art that is “HERE for” fighting the climate crisis.  


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A Digital Art Gallery


HERE is creating an interactive digital art gallery titled:


What Are You HERE For?

Artists < ClimateAction.


This gallery will house 10 artists who create a dedicated art piece to be HERE for an aspect of climate that they are personally passionate about.


This Gallery will generate 50/50 funds for the artist and their cause.

The audience will enter this digital gallery, allowing them to interact with and purchase the art using NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology.  


All other audience members can support the art and cause by donating to the HERE Space portfolio created for each artist and their cause.


Each artist will:

  1. Pick one of our selected climate related causes and organizations to support.

  2. Make a work of art that emphases and encapsulates their relationship to the cause.

  3. Participate in one-minute HERE for interview.

  4. Be given a HERE Space (a customized portfolio of ways for the audience to support  and interact with that cause)

A Physical Art Gallery

In addition to the digital gallery

What Are You HERE For?



will also have a physical space, where audiences can engage with the art both tangibly and actionable through donations and support.



Nifty Gateway





Image by Lucas Benjamin


Refik Anadol


Dario De Siena


Jen Bartel






Ally Grimm




Thomas WΞBB


Ju Schnee


J E R E M Y  M C K A N E


Ali Sabet






Image by Jeremy Bishop


Hunter Jones

(Los Angeles)

Andrew Cotton


Image by Fatih


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