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  • Romy Kraus

"Diversity is the shortcut to a better creative organization" - Scott Belsky, Adobe

Investor and Adobe chief product officer Scott Belsky discussed at Websummit why creativity is the new productivity and the real capital in this new age of remote working.

On art in education

It’s really upsetting that creative skills is only really part of the artistic curriculum.

How do people learn to be creative? It was art school it was design classes, it was sitting NEXT to a person. Today, kids are live on Twitch and watch people doing Photoshop.The future of creative education is doing more of that.

On collaborative creative tools.

There was a generation of creatives with a collaboration first mindset.

Suddenly everyone was brought in to these collaboration tool - and forced.

On creativity in the workforce

How do we inject more creativity into the workforce?

We often don’t allow people to work out of their box.

I always thought that diversity is the shortcut to a better creative organization.

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