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  • Romy Kraus

"I have a 'Bad News First' Principle'" - Mark Cuban on keeping track of all his investments

The 'shark' investor, Dallas Mavericks owner and overall media/tech mogul talks about creating the NBA bubble to be able to finish the season, how they used the same process to shoot Shark Tank and what tech trends he is most excited about.

On Creating 'The Bubble' for the NBA and Shark Tank

We had to focus on the science and technology to keep our players and employees safe.

"We replicated 'The Bubble' for Shark Tank what we did with the NBA. We took over the Venetian Hotel with 2 Bubbles and went through the shoot without any positive case. It was important to show - we can shoot."

On how he keeps track of the companies from all of his Shark Tank Deals

"Once a week I get a report from my team on how all companies are doing. I have a 'Bad News first principle'. I expect good things to happen. When you have a problem that's when you have to bring me in."


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