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  • Romy Kraus


Script Writer / Director

Kerstin Polte wants to get you hooked. On the good stuff. Precisely: Intriguing feature films & series; appealing portraits and documentaries. Her stories and characters are magically strange, weirdly funny, and deeply touching.

She is a scriptwriter, movie director and and a pioneer in collaborative story development. In 2015 she founded Serienwerk, a development company for serial formats. Serienwerk was awarded as Kultur- und Kreativpilot; a title, the german government grants to outstandingly innovative creative companies.

Kerstin graduated multiple renowned film schools: she did her BA in film and theatre studies in Quebec, Canada;, continued her studies at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany (with promotional award) and finally got her masters degree in filmdirection/scriptwriting at the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. She was chosen to be a fellow in the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich and in EKRAN, the european fellow programme for directors - initiated by Andrzej Wajda.

Her graduate film 510 meters above sea level screened at more than 150 international film-festivals and received multiple awards. Her following film Last round premiered at the int. Locarno Film Festival. Her full-length cinema documentary Everything but Oom-Pa-Pa (about the worlds largest women brass orchestra) received multiple audience awards.

Her debut feature film Cloud whispers - a poetical and funny road movie - won the award of the german critics association and the bavarian film price (best upcoming director). It was largely featured in german cinemas in spring 2018.

At the moment, her portrait about the queer-feminist Rapper sookee -of seahorses and closets is starting on his international festival tour. Moreover her next feature film Blind shells and several primetime TV series projects were just funded and commissioned.

(C) Barak Shrama


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