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  • Ran Tellem

#TableTalk: GOXO, MADRID

Bringing Michelin-Starred Dining to Your Doorstep, and into the Writer's Room

6 years ago, and some, I quit my job and started a new one. The downside was spending two weeks per month away from home, the upside - travelling for 2 weeks. I love being a foreigner, I love exploring new cities, different languages, habits, weather, people and more than all - I love exploring food.

The biggest pleasure of traveling the world is to taste it. Over the years I have visited 100’s of places, drank 1000’s of coffees, and I am still hungry. On my Google Maps I have 4376 stars, each is a place I visited and loved, or I plan to visit and hope to love. Whenever friends travel somewhere they ask me to share my list for that spot, and I happily do, what I plan to do here is the same, share my favorite spots in the world, hoping you enjoy them too.

My first place is not a place, my home away from home is Madrid, and the capital of Spain is one of the most amazing places in the world to eat in. You can find everything in Madrid, from brilliant Michelin starred places, to small holes in the wall. Madrid has it all, including what I think is the best take-out/delivery in the world.

Writing rooms are busy, a group of people in one room, for a few days trying to use the power of several brains towards one clear story. It's a storm, a brainstorm with ideas flying around the table, it's so quick, and intense, that you feel if you now break and go out, look for a place and sit down you will stop the flow. This time we were meeting in Madrid to come up with the 3rd season of our international hit series “the head”, when the clock started showing noon, we just came up with a brilliant idea, a term called “terra-nullius” a roman time definition of a place that obeys no orders - controlled by no country - this was a great starting point, ideas started flowing, but so was our hunger - what do we do now? Do we pause for lunch? Do we keep thinking? - ( first world problems? Yes, you are right) And then someone said GOXO and told us about it.

Chef David Munoz is a genius, considered one of the best and most brilliant chefs in the world. to get a place in his restaurant is hard, and expensive, i had the pleasure of going to his “simple” place called Streetxo several times, it's everything i love about food, crazy, fusion, tasty, spicy, asian, cool, funky, but a while ago he started GOXO - a takeout/delivery service that brings you to your home\hotel\airbnb , very beautifully packed, and amazingly tasty food.

GOXO promises high quality sophisticated clever food, delivered to your door - it's like going out to a top notch restaurant without leaving home. How cool is it? - well here are the dishes - HONG KONG cocido - is the love child of the most iconic Spanish food - the weekend cocido soup/stew with Taiwanese dumplings fiesta. The food comes neatly packed, each part in its own little box, and a small QR code that opens up a video that shows you how to create this in your plate. A bowl filled with great stuff including delicious dumplings to which you add chickpeas, some smoked sauce, and then finally after heating up the soup, it is a great dish, rich, spicy, tasty, and feeling.

And then… the lasagna mumbai - this time it's an indian-italian date night, with a lasagne made coconut-cardamom bechamel sauce, shiitake mushrooms, old cow butter that you heat for 5-6 minutes, it comes out all bubbling, golden brown and crispy, but that’s not all, because you still have some crispy Pani Puri magic balls that you crumble over your dish to give it that extra crunch.

These are just two, you can have chicken wings in chinese glazed sauce and tempura crumbs, Prawn Singapore Udon,with smoked lemon butter and bacon, free-range eggs, roasted prawns, Singapore shrimp and chipotle, you have tacos, and great sides, and super cool desserts, if you're drooling already, you got it. Each dish is amazing, each dish is creative, all served beautifully and in a way that really makes you smile, and feel like you had a great culinary experience, even though you stayed in, and didn’t enjoy the best part of world travel - dining out. GOXO is not the only one, more and more across the world. Great restaurants are thinking about how to deliver quality food to customers, it helps them increase their clientele, it helps us enjoy great food from places that usually require waiting lists, and long planning ahead. So if you are in Madrid, and don’t feel like going out ( you should! There are so many great places) open your Glovo app - look for GOXO, and enjoy a cool culinary experience.


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