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Image by Jakob Owens

Marco Kreuzpainter



Beat (Amazon), The Collini Case

Marco Kreuzpainter

As an autodidact, MARCO KREUZPAINTNER first gained recognition with “Der Atemkünstler”, a short film he worked on alongside August Diehl. At the age of 24, he shot his first feature film “Ganz und Gar”. After writing his coming out story “Sommersturm”, which received international attention, Roland Emmerich suggested that Marco make his Hollywood directing debut with the movie “Trade”, with Academy Award-winner Kevin Kline in the lead role. In 2008, Marco’s box office hit “Krabat” followed, which attracted more than 1.8 million people to the theatres. He also wrote the screenplay for “Die Wolke” and the adaptation of “Tod und Teufel”, which is based on the novel by Frank Schätzing.

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