"SHOWRUNNERS are 'Hyphenates'

a curious hybrid of starry-eyed artists and tough-as-nails operational managers."

SHOWRUNNER MAGAZINE portraits some of the most creative and entrepreneurial voices of our time from the fields of television, film, music, art and science.



Romy Kraus

Editor In Chief

Romy is Editor-In-Chief of SHOWRUNNER and primarily focuses on the media and television  industry. As host of culture-tech show 'DARE TO ASK' she interviews artists and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Marcel Engh

Editor, Lifestyle & Entertainment

Marcel is Editor Lifestyle & Entertainment - and as a keen foodie selects the culinary destinations to watch. He is also the founder of culture network Exploding Plastic. 

Arthur Velasquez

Contributing Editor, Arts & Technology

Arthur covers global technology, arts and design events with a close eye on emerging trends and a particular focus on Blockchain. For over 15 years Arthur has also worked as an independent agent and manager in the electronic music industry.

Simon Mirren

Executive Producer

Writer, Executive Producer and Director Simon Mirren is a contributing editor and producer of  Showrunner TV. 

Rajele Jain

International Correspondent, Lisbon

Originally from Germany, filmmaker and artist Rajele Jain lives and works in Lisbon since 2005 and as international correspondent covers the vibrant melting pot of a city. Her work involves a triptych of art, philosophy and biology – the three areas she studied at universities in Dusseldorf and Cologne. 

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