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 December 2-4, Lisbon 


ContentMakers brings together the world's most popular content creators alongside the broadcasters and leaders of the platforms that amplify their voices. 


AutoTech is the entry point to the revolution that is redefining how we get around our streets and skies.

Focusing on autonomous vehicles, connected cars and the internet of things, AutoTech connects thousands of leading companies, engineers, developers and experts. 


Bringing together artists, labels, marketers, global brands, investors, and industry icons, MusicNotes sits at the intersection of music and tech - a stage set for the people at the forefront of the industry to discuss how tech is changing music for the better.


The fashion industry has embraced technology with open arms, and innovation burns brighter than ever on the catwalk. As technology reaches new heights, will it be the friend or enemy of creativity? Join us at Modum and watch the experts sketch out the future. 


Where sport and business meet – SportsTrade connects sports stars, brands, tech companies, media outlets and the owners of the world’s biggest teams at Web Summit. 


The health sector is experiencing unprecedented progress, and technology is the catalyst. HealthConf brings the most influential physicians, medtech startups and health professionals to the table to cast their eyes to the future of areas like genomics, braintech and nutrition.




Chief Creative Officer, Aston Martin 

Paige VanZant
Hope Solo | Websummit
Sophia The Robot | Websummit
Andrew Cotton | Websummit
Jonas Blue | Masterclass