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 “Nanotechnology and genetic engineering should start producing revolutionary new materials in the next 10 years or so… but for the time being composites are still the place where real innovation is happening.

Tom Dixon





The inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles will bring together 70 of the most significant and forward-thinking contemporary galleries from across the city and around the world, alongside a curated program of talks, site-specific artists’ projects and film. 

Hamza Walker To Curate Frieze Los Angeles Talks and Music


The program highlights Los Angeles as a place of interdisciplinary experimentation


Photographer Trevor Hernandez, AKA @gangculture, talks about Los Angeles, Instagram and his collaboration with Frieze

Frieze Los Angeles Galleries Announced


Featuring defining Los Angeles spaces as well as leading galleries from across the US and around the world

FRIEZE LA @gangculture


Frieze has collaborated with Los Angeles-based photographer Trevor Hernandez on a photo series to launch Frieze Los Angeles. Celebrated as @gangculture on Instagram, Hernandez’s commission for Frieze reframes Paramount Pictures Studios from the artist’s distinctive, surrealist perspective, exposing uncanny compositions on the working lot and within the urban Los Angeles landscape. Hernandez’s work for Frieze Los Angeles will be featured on, across social media and on visual advertising world-wide.


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