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  • Romy Kraus

#CES2024: Transparent TVs, Electric Dreams, and Mixed Realities

As CES 2024 concludes, it leaves behind a trail of technological marvels and glimpses into the future. This event wasn't just about gadgets; it was a showcase of potential lifestyle changes driven by tech innovation. From TVs that merge with home decor to electric vehicles reshaping mobility, and laptops that redefine versatility, the show highlighted a seamless blend of technology with everyday life. The advancements in virtual and mixed reality pointed to a new era of immersive experiences. Join us as we explore these transformative trends that are set to reshape industries and redefine our daily experiences.


  1. Advancements in Television Technology: This includes the introduction of innovative features like transparent OLED screens (e.g., LG Signature OLED T), QD-OLED TVs with enhanced brightness and antiglare systems (e.g., Samsung S95D OLED), and extremely large and bright TVs (e.g., TCL QM89 115-inch TV and Hisense UX 110-inch TV).

  2. Electric and Futuristic Vehicles: Notable examples are the Kia PBV Concept, which represents a new design philosophy for vehicles, and Honda's 0 Series concept vehicles, showcasing Honda's entry into electric vehicles with a futuristic design.

  3. Evolving Laptop Designs: Laptops that double as tablets, such as HP’s Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC and Dell’s new XPS line, highlighted the trend towards more versatile and multifunctional personal computing devices.

  4. Virtual and Mixed Reality Innovations: Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip, expected to be featured in Samsung's upcoming virtual/mixed reality headset, and other mixed reality technologies indicated a growing interest in immersive digital experiences.

  5. Curved and Transparent Display Technologies: The continuing trend of curved monitors for enhanced gaming experiences, alongside the emergence of transparent TV screens like Samsung Transparent MICRO LED and LG Signature OLED T, showed a focus on aesthetic and functional innovation in display technology.

And some of the Top 10 products are:

  1. LG Signature OLED T: This transparent OLED TV by LG transforms from a marine-aquarium-like clear screen to a conventional OLED TV with a press of a button, showcasing a fusion of commercial technology and home entertainment.

  2. Samsung S95D QD-OLED: Samsung's flagship QD-OLED TV now features brighter panels and an exceptional antiglare system, enhancing the viewing experience.

  3. TCL QM89 115-inch QLED TV: TCL introduced the largest consumer television in North America, boasting impressive specs like a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and 20,000 zones of local dimming.

  4. Hisense UX 110-inch TV: Hisense revealed a TV capable of a staggering 10,000 nits of peak brightness, setting a new standard for brightness in consumer televisions.

  5. Kia PBV Concept: A fresh approach to vehicle design, focusing on versatility and futuristic concepts, such as taxis with optimized seating and work vans with practical layouts.

  6. Supernal S-A2 EVTOL aircraft: An electric aircraft by Hyundai's Supernal, featuring wings and eight pivoting rotors for urban air mobility.

  7. Honda 0 Series concept vehicles: Honda unveiled two electric vehicle concepts with a futuristic design reminiscent of Blade Runner.

  8. Versatile Laptops: Laptops that double as tablets, like HP’s Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC and Dell’s new XPS line, were showcased, highlighting the blend of portability and performance.

  9. Qualcomm and Virtual/Mixed Reality: Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip, expected to be used in Samsung's upcoming virtual/mixed reality headset.

  10. Curved and Transparent TV Screens: The trend of curved monitors for gaming continued, along with transparent TV screens like the Samsung Transparent MICRO LED and the LG Signature OLED T.

At CES 2024, Sony announced a new mixed reality headset designed for 'spatial content creation.' This innovative headset, a venture with Siemens, is expected to contribute to the development of the industrial metaverse. Additionally, Sony showcased its Afeela EV, driving it onto the stage during the event, highlighting the company's continued interest and innovation in electric vehicle technology.

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