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Chelsea Yamase
<climate <self-improvement <courage


Imperfectly eco-conscious. Born in Hawai'i. Nerdy introvert inside, fearless outside. Often underwater.

Hawaii-based creative and deeply curious human here practicing courage. I come from a small island in the Pacific and I’m still not quite sure how I got to live a life bigger than I ever dreamed of. For the last 3 years I’ve been hiking, diving, surfing, slacklining, and photographing my way through 53 countries and counting. I’m proud to be supported by some of my favorite brands like Canon USA, Adobe, and give preference to creating content for companies doing good.

Self-improvement, outdoor adventure, and creativity make me SUPER excited and I get to share some of my journey exploring all three both on here and on my instagram.

Leah Thomas
<ClimateAction <Equality <Inclusion

228k + 376k

Leah Thomas is an eco-communicator, aka an environmentalist with a love for writing + creativity, based in Ventura, CA. She’s passionate about advocating for and exploring the relationship between social justice and environmentalism. You could say she’s tryna make the world a little more equal for everyone and a little nicer to our home planet.

She is the founder of eco-lifestyle blog @greengirlleah and The Intersectional Environmentalist Platform, which is a resource + media hub that aims to advocate for environmental justice + inclusivity within environmental education + movements.

Clover Hogan
Australia / UK

Clover Hogan has been on this planet 22 years, and spent the past decade trying to save it.

Climate activist, researcher on eco-anxiety, and the founder of Force of Nature - a youth nonprofit mobilising mindsets for climate action. Clover has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, consulted within the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, and supported students in over 50 countries to realise their power as change-makers.

Clover has taken the stage with corporate giants including the CEOs of P&G, Twitter and YouTube; alongside global change-makers such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Vandana Shiva; and interviewed the 14th Dalai Lama. Clover also serves as a trustee to Global Action Plan, and is on the advisory boards of the National Community Lottery's Climate Action Fund and the Teach the Future campaign. 


In June '20, Clover launched the Force of Nature podcast - a 9-part series with ordinary people doing extraordinary things to save the planet. Season 2 arrives in September '21.

You can see her recent TED talk here

Ann Makosinski

Andini - Inventor, Writer, Film Fanatic 🐸
Forbes Magazine 30 under 30, Time Magazine 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur Magazines

Ann Makosinski is a 23 year old Filipina-Polish Canadian inventor, global keynote speaker, and aspiring writer. She is best known for her invention of the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand, and the eDrink, a coffee mug that harvests the excess heat of your hot drink and converts it into electricity to charge your phone. Ann has given 5 TEDx talks, is one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30, Times Magazine’s 30 Under 30 World Changers, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Young Millionaires, and Glamour Magazine’s College Women of the Year. She recently completed her work on a line of children's toys that run off of green energy.

Seattle, USA
<ArtistActivist <TransgenderActivism

An inspiring young talent, FEWOCiOUS has exploded onto the art scene in the past year at only 18 years old, by defying norms and breaking barriers with his digital art.

"Hello, i'm Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life" was FEWOCiOUS' first auction with Christie's, a coming of age story through art. Through five new digital pieces and physical paintings, as well as an archive of his earliest never-before-seen drawings from each year, FEWOCiOUS’ new defining series captures each formative year of his growth from age 14 to 18 as a young transgender artist in the digital era.


We Are Family Foundation

Janet Echelman sculpts at the scale of buildings and city blocks. Echelman’s work defies categorization, as it intersects Sculpture, Architecture, Urban Design, Material Science, Structural & Aeronautical Engineering, and Computer Science. Echelman’s art transforms with wind and light, and shifts from being “an object you look at, into an experience you can get lost in.”

Using unlikely materials from atomized water particles to engineered fiber fifteen times stronger than steel, Echelman combines ancient craft with computational design software to create artworks that have become focal points for urban life on five continents, from Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, and Santiago, to Beijing, Boston, New York and London.  Permanent works in Porto, Vancouver, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Phoenix, Eugene, Greensboro, Philadelphia, and Seattle transform daily with colored light.   


Kasha Sequoia Slavner
<Filmmaker <Activist

Kasha And Marla Slavner
One story at a time, we seek to inspire social change. All content created by Gen Z filmmaker, Kasha Sequoia Slavner of The Sunrise Storyteller.


Kasha Sequoia Slavner, a first-time multi-award-winning documentary young filmmaker comes to the profession as a seasoned photographer, entrepreneur and social justice advocate for over a decade. Using her passion for visual storytelling to make the world a better place, she was recently selected as the recipient of the very first Kim Phuc Youth Award for Peace.  At the age of 14, Kasha was the youngest member to join Canada’s longest-standing & only feminist peace organization, The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Since then, she has accompanied the organization as a youth delegate 7x times on their annual trip down to New York to The Commission on The Status of Women at the United Nations and is the Ontario Regional Advisor for the newly formed Canadian Council of Young Feminists. 

Quannah Chasinghors
Alaska, USA

At just 18, activist Quannah Chasinghorse has dedicated her life to protecting the indigenous people of her native Alaska from two main adversaries, the gas industry and climate change.

Marc Keiser

Keiser Clark—the Los Angeles-based ready-to-wear label founded by Marc Keiser and Andrew Clark.

Its aesthetic is fueled by a gritty nocturnal glamour, but it goes beyond dive-bar leathers and warehouse rave jeans. The brand’s allure is in its wearable intent - As Keiser says, the emergent identity of Keiser Clark consists of “a range of pieces with varying levels of intensity, boldness and aggressiveness.” In this, there is a deeply personal sentiment of past remembrances and anecdotes; beneath the label’s visual edge, a human instinct flourishes, promoting connection, community and family.


The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Our mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms.

Lukas Abbat
Alaska, USA

Gabby Frost, 23, is the founder and Executive Director of Buddy Project, a non-profit organization aiming to prevent suicide and raise awareness for mental health. She was a member of American Eagle’s inaugural AExMe Council.

When she was 14-years-old, she discovered that many of her friends from school and online were going through mental illness. She decided to create Buddy Project on April 8th, 2013, after discovering three girls on Twitter contemplating suicide. Gabby thought that by pairing people with a friend online, it could prevent suicide and give people a peer support system.

Gabby has received multiple awards and honors for her work with Buddy Project. She was named a Glamour College Woman of the Year and Hometown Hero, Her Campus Most Inspiring College Woman, Daily Point of Light, Fall Out Boy’s Champion of the Mania tour, Global Teen Leader, PB Teen Extraordinary Teen, The Mighty’s Mental Health Hero, and 1000 Dreams Fund New Face of Tech. She won the Shorty Award for Teen Activism and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Award.


Jones’ artwork starts as photographs or hand drawings of urban viscera such as buildings, street signs or traffic pylons which he then morphs through collage, coloring and illustrating into a cyberpunk scene on his iPad. With short-cropped red hair and beard, Jones is like a hip-hop Vincent Van Gogh wearing Adidas Samba sneakers and rose-tinted glasses as he peruses his artwork hanging on a gallery wall for the first time.

deadmau5 x Mad Dog Jones

Ally Grimm

Ally Grimm, aka A.L. Grime, is a Venezuelan-American artist, muralist and graphic designer based in Denver, CO. Her work explores the rise of the technological era through the lens of the human experience through bold, emotion-driven patterns. A.L. Grime began her artistic journey working in the music industry, so her art remains heavily influenced by the sounds and community of the electronic music scene. She uses fluid line-work and pattern-work the energy and movement of a crowded dance floor.



Launching his own brand at just 18 years old, Millinsky is the Gen Zer fronting a new wave of youth creativity.

‘The more you fail, the more likely you are to get a small chance of success,’ says Alexandre Dalliance, the 22-year-old designer who goes by the pseudonym ‘Millinsky.’ Using nothing but social media to build his cult brand NASASEASONS in 2015, Daillance was just 18 years old when the now-hugely successful streetwear label began to gain some serious traction.

Prospect 100 empowers the next generation. We create competitions led by industry icons so you have a platform to be seen and heard. There are always prizes for all participants and finalists win internships and mentorships from the world’s leading figures and organisations. Past finalists have also gone on to secure funding and receive features in magazines such as VOGUE and Highsnobiety.

Trevor Jones

Zero Hour started with our founders, Jamie Margolin, Nadia Nazar, Madelaine Tew, and Zanagee Artis. Frustrated by the inaction of elected officials and the fact that youth voices were almost always ignored in the conversation around climate change and the profound impact that it would have on young people, Jamie started gathering several of her friends in the summer of 2017 to start organizing something big, something hard to ignore! Nadia Nazar, Madelaine Tew, and Zanagee Artis joined her in her efforts.

They realized that a national day of mass action, led by youth, would be an ideal platform to ensure that young voices were not only centered in this conversation, but that elected officials and adults would hear their voices loud and clear!

By the end of the summer, young activists from across the country, from diverse backgrounds, had joined the team and Zero Hour had started taking shape.


‘More than half of the world’s population is under 30’, says then 18-year-old Jahkini Bisselink to a delegation of UN state leaders. ‘So I believe it to be a moral obligation to involve youth in decision making processes.’

Said matter-of-factly in her commanding Dutch tenor, it seems as if Bisselink had said something completely uncontroversial, even obvious. Of course those who are poised to inherit our world should get a seat at the table deciding what that world might look like.

But that isn’t always the case. Too often when it comes to international politics and the bureaucracy of the UN – the world’s main intergovernmental decision-making body – key stakeholders are left out of debates. The oligarchy of administrative rights in world affairs tends to favour the rich, the white, the male, and the middle-aged. That’s where activists like Jahkini Bisselink come in.


Iranian-American Painter / Designer / Energy Healer 
high-vibrational art infused with healing energy


Ali Sabet is an Iranian-American artist and designer. His work shines with vibrant optimism, love and beauty in the face of the profane. Sabet’s work has been showcased around the world in collaboration with luxury brands such as Montblanc, Furla, BMW, John Varvatos and more.

"Every year I donate original pieces to many different non-profit organizations. Creating for a good cause is one of the most rewarding experiences and contributions I do every year. Organizations I work with include UNICEF, AIDS Services Foundation, PARS Equity Center, HearAid Foundation and The American Cancer Society."



Dario De Siena is a painter based in Zürich, Switzerland.

His work portrays the beauty in everyday objects. His bold use of colour and the dynamic elements captured in his ethereal paintings reveal his thought process, the intense beauty he sees in the world around him. His personal journey as an artist began at the tender age of 2 when he displayed his natural ability in drawing. 


Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes arrived in San Francisco from Los Angeles during the summer of 1997. Over a span of 20 years, he became a prominent member of the Mission mural art community and simultaneously developed a personal studio practice. 

Today, Victor’s murals can be seen in many cities around the world. His contemporary painting has continually been the subject of exhibitions and private collections, and he is consistently featured in partnerships and activations to engage communities with public art and culture.



THANKYOUX Inspired by the pop tropes and bright colors of the NYC graffiti scene, ThankYouX graduated from LA street stencils to paintings and sculpture exhibitions in London, LA, Miami, NY and Hong Kong. Now using his street style in a more unique way, he has gained attention for his geometric mixed media cube paintings and large scale abstract work. He was handpicked by Snapchat to paint their LA offices, partnered with Soho House to create an immersive experience for Art Basel, and recently held a successful solo exhibit in New York City.



Leopoldo D'Angelo from in Turin, Italy, better known by the pseudonym "Dangiuz" is an Italian contemporary visual artist, crypto artist, art director and graphic designer specialising in sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes. Dangiuz rose to prominence on various social media platforms in the late 2010s along with other digital artists, which then led him to be invited to arts and cinema related events. His work got featured in various art networks, magazines and exhibitions, including Sohu, Arte,Juxtapoz Magazine,Digital Production and the "Heart of Cyberpunk" Exhibition in Hong Kong.


Matt The Nelson

Matt is an animator and designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has had the opportunity to work for brands such as Apple, Google, and Disney and currently Amazon.


Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel is an American illustrator and comic artist, best known for her work for Marvel Comics and Image Comics. She co-created the comic Blackbird for Image with Sam Humphries. She won an Eisner Award for her work as a cover artist in 2019. She has also collaborated with brands like Adidas, Red Bull, and Aussie. Jen is the co-creator and artist of “BLACKBIRD” from Image Comics.


Addie Wagenknecht

Addie Wagenknecht's work explores the tension between expression and technology.

She seeks to blend conceptual work with forms of hacking and sculpture. Previous exhibitions include MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna, Austria; La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France; The Istanbul Modern; Whitechapel Gallery, London and MU, Eindhoven, Netherlands. In 2016 she collaborated with Chanel and I-D magazine as part of their Sixth Sense series and in 2017 her work was acquired by the Whitney Museum for American Art.



Aiala Hernando

Aiala Hernando’s work explores the intersection between nature and technology.

Her works contemplate the incessant beauty of shared human experience, engaging with and reimagining canonical imagery through the contemporary perspective of the digital.


Ju Schnee

Visual artist📍Berlin
Mixed Reality with AR oil paintings, physical sculptures and NFTs 👾

Ju Schnee is an interdisciplinary illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin. Her work is extremely bright and colorful, energetic and vibrant. It ranges from digital illustration and motion design, to real life 3D installations and murals. Ju always works in an abstract way, combining her typical shapes with mutliple media.


Connie Lim


Connie Lim is an art and fashion illustrator with both a fashion design and illustration background. She studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design and thereafter Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, equipping her with an in-depth knowledge and passion for both subjects.

Working in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, Connie has collaborated with clients such as Bulgary, La Perla, Louboutin, L'Oreal and many more. She has taught at many prestigious universities across the UK, including Central Saint Martins and UCA Rochester, and is expanding her ventures in education to bring you tools to help benefit your own creative journey.


Joséphine Sagna


Born in Stuttgart in 1989, Joséphine Sagna’s German-Senegalese roots effect her art and fashion design on a multi-faceted level. She addresses the question of identity of a multi-cultural, often black, woman.
Sagna’s art discusses and broaches issues of prejudices, everyday racism, reactions, different points of view, whether from the own eye or the eyes of others, intimacy and self-representation yet also where Sagna sees herself amidst it all. Sagna studied painting under the Professors Christian Hahn and Henning Kles in her chosen hometown of Hamburg, Germany. In 2019, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Design Department.


Ju Schnee


Ju Schnee is an interdisciplinary illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin. Her work is extremely bright and colorful, energetic and vibrant. It ranges from digital illustration and motion design, to real life 3D installations and murals. Ju always works in an abstract way, combining her typical shapes with mutliple media.


Karabo Poppy Moletsane


Multi award winning Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Street Artist from Vereeniging South Africa. I am inspired by the visual aesthetic of Africa, both contemporary and traditional. Our aesthetic has a long rich heritage rooted in constant innovation and hybridity. I believe that every African carries this with them daily and I believe that it is in the everyday seemingly mundane events where this aesthetic is at its most beautiful to me. So I set out to preserve and celebrate it in my work and represent the unrepresented.


Image by Marcela Laskoski






Sharon Eyal // Co-Founder, Co-Artistic director and choreographer of L-E-V
Sharon Eyal was born in Jerusalem. She danced with the Batsheva Dance Company between 1990-2008 and started choreographing within the framework of the company’s Batsheva Dancers Create project. Eyal served as associate Artistic Director for Batsheva between 2003-2004, and as a House Choreographer for the company between 2005-2012.


During 2009 Eyal began creating pieces for other dance companies around the world: Killer Pig (2009) and Corps de Walk (2011) for Carte Blanche Dance of Norway; Too Beaucoup (2011) for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago; Plafona (2012) for Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Germany.
In 2013 Eyal launched L-E-V with her long-time collaborator Gai Behar.


Image by Lacie Slezak



Andrew Cotton is a professional big wave surfer, top level athlete, adventurer and guest speaker. He is now one of the world’s most respected big wave surfers basing himself in Nazare, Portugal and West Ireland for much of the big wave season. He also travels the globe surfing some of the biggest and heaviest waves on the planet such as Peahi in Hawaii, Mavericks in California and The Right in West Australia.




Hunter is a 25-year old pro surfer, filmmaker, WSL personality & model from Los Angeles, California. From a young age, Hunter loved being creative and found video editing and producing as a passion. His love for surfing, storytelling, and editing really fell hand in hand. Hunter has experience editing global commercials & campaigns for the likes of WSL, The Players Tribune, 686, Glory Kickboxing, and more. In addition to surfing and working as a creative, Hunter has starred in multiple commercials, acted as a stuntman, appeared on reality TV, and hosted a daily surf based news show. All in all, he's just stoked to be surfing and meeting like-minded people who all share the same love for the ocean.


The Founder


<HERE is founded by Solus37, a 21 year old LA-born imagineer, street artist, meditator and visionary with a background in tagging and graffiti. Solus37 has  assembled a team of international heroes, activists, artists, and investors to  form the ‘founding team’ of <HERE. 

Our goal is to harness our digital and consumer habits to be more ethical, and impactful, and create a decentralized trackable bridge of connective tissue within  social media to unify disparate entities around a crisis or cause that we are mutually <HERE for.

The Founder


Screenshot (7180).png

WONDROS is a global creative agency dedicated to solving complex communications challenges to build social movements and inspire action.



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