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  • Romy Kraus

European Shooting Stars 2024 revealed

European Shooting Stars 2024

The European Film Promotion (EFP) has unveiled ten emerging European actors for the 27th European Shooting Stars event, aimed at highlighting the continent's rising on-screen talents.

The group features seven actresses and three actors who will be introduced to the global press, industry professionals, and audiences at the 2024 Berlin Film Festival.

Highlighted talents include Italy's Valentina Bellè, known for her roles in Michael Mann’s "Ferrari" and Giorgio Diritti’s "Lubo", and her award-winning performance in Disney+'s "The Good Mother". French actress Suzy Bemba, featured in films and series like "L’Opera", Yorgos Lanthimos’s "Poor Things", and Catherine Corsini’s "Homecoming" (premiered at Cannes 2023), is also on the list.

Irish actor Éanna Hardwicke, recognized for his performances in "Vivarium" with Jesse Eisenberg and "Joan Verra", and for his role in "Lakelands", has been noted for his exceptional talent by the EFP jury.

Swedish actress Asta Kamma August is celebrated for her leading roles in "Kalak" (awarded at San Sebastian) and "The Hypnosis" (premiered at Karlovy Vary 2023).

The lineup also includes Thibaud Dooms (Belgium), Margarita Stoykova (Bulgaria), Salome Demuria (Georgia), Katharina Stark (Germany), Džiugas Grinys (Lithuania), and Kamila Urzędowska (Poland).

The selection was made by a jury of five, comprising Austrian director Barbara Albert, Lithuanian producer Živilė Gallego, Irish actor Moe Dunford, British casting director Aisha Bywaters, and Greek journalist Vassilis Economou.

Tina Hajon, programme director of European Shooting Stars, expressed excitement over presenting such a varied and talented group, showcasing diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.


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