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  • Carolyn Maze

Kids & Company, MarcoPolo Learning, and Kindertales Create First-of-its-Kind Edtech Integration

Canada's most innovative child care service offers thousands of Kids & Company families Canada's first real 3600 school-to-home link

MarcoPolo Learning and Kindertales secured Canada's biggest early childhood education company, Kids & Company, by integrating MarcoPolo's curriculum-aligned digital material with Kindertales' daycare management software. Over 1,200 award-winning, developmentally appropriate videos are available to over 100 Kids & Company child care establishments in Canada and their teachers, administrators, and parents via this partnership.

MarcoPolo's instructional content is now available on Kindertales, allowing families to study at home. Parents may easily engage in school lessons and support their children. Kindertales will remind parents to watch their child's class.

With a powerful all-in-one platform, educators can focus on their classroom's learning environment and journey.

Kindertales improves classroom experience, parent communication, administrative processes, overhead, and time for additional childcare providers. These efficiencies lower preschool costs and increase parent communication. Our association provides one-stop teacher aid during teacher shortages.

"Kindertales delivers all-in-one childcare management software to help families, instructors and administrators with daily communications, activity monitoring, billing, online registration and more. "We're proud to be part of this unique partnership that provides teachers and families with MarcoPolo Learning's award-winning content," said Kindertales CEO Steven Schneider.

MarcoPolo for Educators gives teachers high-quality content that enhances basic curriculum. English, Spanish, and a varied learner version are available.

MarcoPolo's educator manuals, teacher resources, and training help new and seasoned teachers improve professionally. Kindertales provides developmentally-appropriate material to teachers.

"MarcoPolo Learning will enable our educators digital material and educational tools to share with our children in their classrooms and with our parents via Kindertales—the extremely engaging parent communication app we released in 2019. This integration will help parents understand their children's learning and enhance the 3600 school-to-home connection. We're excited to pioneer active family nursery." Kids & Company CEO Victoria Sopik.

Daycare operators will use our curriculum-aligned content and tools with childcare management software for educators and families. To simplify classroom experience, teachers' daily activities are combined on one platform. "No more searching YouTube for unapproved content!" said MarcoPolo Learning CEO Justin Hsu.

About Kids&Company

Kids & Company, Canada's most inventive child care provider, helps family-oriented employers enhance work-life balance and productivity through unique child care options. Kids & Company helps top companies in many sectors provide child-care, including guaranteed full-time, part-time, and emergency back-up care, and elder care. Visit

About Kindertales

Kindertales was created by childcare business proprietors. Kindertales automates everyday chores for instructors, directors, and families and provides data and analytics for childcare business owners to increase enrollment and improve operations. Kindertales is best for complicated, multi-center childcare organisations that need software flexibility and scalability. Kindertales is utilised everyday in hundreds of daycares and tens of thousands of US and Canadian households.

MarcoPolo Learn

MarcoPolo Learning develops award-winning early childhood curriculum and technology for schools and families. MarcoPolo for Educators enhances classrooms and promotes home learning. MarcoPolo World School and THE POLOS are also accessible. MarcoPolo Learning is used in hundreds of North American schools, Head Starts, and large daycares.

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