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  • Romy Kraus


Head of International Coproduction, Rai (Italy)

A former travel-guide, copywriter and lawyer, Michele started his career in television as an editor of tv-movies and series.

The turn in life happened in 1994, when he developed together with the Australian writer Wayne Doyle the first Italian soap (‘Un posto al sole’), which started in October 1996 and is still on air.

Michele worked 12 years as co-headwriter and producer and in the meanwhile dealt with a prime-time cop-series (‘La squadra’) that lasted 8 seasons (221 episodes of 100’ each), another soap (‘Cuori rubati’) and a couple of tv-movies.

Subsequently, Michele was offered an executive role in Rai’s fiction department where he was involved in the editorial and production process of various projects (tv-movies, mini-series, long running series), keeping a strong focus on the narrative development.

Michele’s most recent series are ‘La porta rossa’ (‘The Red Door’), a paranormal thriller in which the protagonist has to find out who killed him, ‘Di padre in figlia’ (‘From Father to Daughter’), an intense family saga that takes place in Italy and Brazil, the second season of ‘Non uccidere’ (‘Close Murders’), the first Italian ‘Nordic-noir’ and ‘Il cacciatore’ (‘The Hunter’), that won the price for the best actor at the recent Canneseries.

At present, Michele is in charge of international coproductions and is currently working on the series ‘The Name of the Rose’, that will premiere in February 2020.


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