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As Managing Editor and Executive Producer of ‘Showrunner,’ Romy has interviewed influential figures in film, TV, music, sports, and technology for over a decade.

She also leads the Showrunner Academy, a global master class series and development studio committed to unearthing and mentoring local talent. The academy's curriculum blends creative, business, and technology training to prepare creatives for entrepreneurial ventures.

Romy's career started at Sony Europe, where she led a creative studio bridging Sony's entertainment and technology divisions. Projects included the BRAVIA TV launch series, David Bowie’s Reality Tour, and campaigns for the 'Spider-Man,' 'The Da Vinci Code,' and 'Bond' franchises.

As technology's role in entertainment grew, Romy shifted to venture capital, focusing on scouting talent and analysing investment opportunities in mobile and streaming technologies.

In 2014, Romy founded Showrunner, as a Bauhaus-inspired studio dedicated to talent development and cross-cultural, cross-industry learning.

Romy Kraus, Managing Editor, Showrunner Magazine
Romy Kraus

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