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  • Carolyn Maze

#Leadership: Talk about ... Radical Candor

Radical Candor™ is Caring Personally while Challenging Directly. At its core, Radical Candor is guidance and feedback that’s both kind and clear, specific and sincere.

Because Radical Candor can be hard to put into practice, a simple guidance and feedback framework was developed that you can keep top of mind in the heat of the moment.

Use the Radical Candor Framework to Guide Your Conversations Understanding what is not Radical Candor can help you better understand what is. These behaviors that everyone falls into at one time or another are not personality types. Remember that these phrases are not labels. Please don’t write people’s names in these boxes; use the framework as a compass to guide your conversations to a more productive place.

The Radical Candor Framework is a trademark of Radical Candor, LLC.


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