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  • Romy Kraus

#BauhausOfTheSeas: Oeiras' Vision for an Integrated Coastal Community

Adapting the Bauhaus Framework to Oeiras' Blueprint for Sustainable Living: Integrating Nature, Culture, and Innovation

Set against the backdrop of the scenic Poetry Park in Oeiras, we interview Jorge Barreto Xavier, Oeiras City Council's Municipal Director-General for Education, Social Development, and Culture.

We discuss what drew him to collaborate with the Bauhaus Of The Seas project and the potential influence on European coastal towns. What distinguishes Oeiras is its strategic location at the mouth of the Tagus River, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. This confluence gives Oeiras a distinct coastal scenery, including both riverine and sea elements.

Jorge Barreto Xavier, Oeiras City Council's Municipal Director-General for Education

Thank you for joining us today.

Jorge Barreto Xavier: It's my pleasure to be here.

What attracted you to the Bauhaus Of The Seas Project?

Jorge Barreto Xavier: Upon discovering the project, I contacted the General Director on the European level to discuss our involvement. We were eager to explore the concept of Bauhaus further for our seafront territory in Oeiras.

For those unfamiliar, how would you explain the Bauhaus Of The Seas project?

Jorge Barreto Xavier:  Bauhaus Of The Seas is a European initiative, aimed at coastal cities, to foster aesthetics, inclusion, and sustainability. It’s about integrating local communities into the broader Bauhaus framework, with a special focus on sustainable maritime policies.

There is a strong focus on directly involving the community - can you explain more?

Jorge Barreto Xavier: Indeed. The project is about creating interactions and a co-decision-making process with the community. We consult with various community members like teachers, students, and fishermen to assess our territory's current state and identify potential improvements. Our aim is to utilise the European tools to develop an integrated coastal project here locally.

We are at the Poetry Park, an absolutely beautiful location - what is the history?

Jorge Barreto Xavier: The Poetry Park is one of Europe's largest cultural parks, dedicated to poetry. It’s a place that offers a perfect blend of cultural richness and natural beauty and ideal for fostering the creative and reflective essence of the Bauhaus Of The Seas.

We are just at the end of the kick-off day of the Summit. What outcomes do you anticipate from the event?

Jorge Barreto Xavier: The focus is on enhancing ocean literacy and empowering the community to contribute to sustainable seaside living. This project is crucial for urban and community development at the seaside, aiming for a sustainable future through comprehensive maritime policies.

Thank you very much for sharing your insights with us.

Jorge Barreto Xavier: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure.


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