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  • Romy Kraus

"DISCORD is about spending quality time with people."

Jason Citron, CEO at Discord

We originally started by building a game and bootstrapped the launch of a communication network on the back of it.

DISCORD is used by people to talk about their passions, so we realized early on that we have to make sure people use it for good and built hard security and safety guidelines with invite-only.

Where is DISCORD going?

Gaming is the still the main thing how people use it. It’s used for book clubs, doing homework together,using it learn music instruments.

We rebranded DISCORD as the place where people come together to talk.

Increase of userbase by 50% since February. Usage has moved to universities, study groups, online comedy clubs.


DISCORD is about spending quality time with people. It is designed like physical spaces. Different places prompt people to come together in different ways. It is important how these services make you feel.

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