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  • Romy Kraus

"Don’t overestimate people’s knowledge, but don’t underestimate their passion" - Richard Curtis

Finally, we’re increasingly opting for sustainability over convenience, and morally corrupting companies are increasingly shunned by consumers. Richard Curtis may be best known as writer and director of British hits like Love, Actually and Notting Hill. But he is also the co-founder and vice-chair of Comic Relief, a UN advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, and co-founder at Make My Money Matter. At Websummit, Richard discussed why he advocates specifically for ethically invested pensions and what he learned


We’re creating a movement calling for the trillions of pounds invested in our UK pensions to build a better world.


There’s £3 trillion in UK pensions. This money is owned by all of us, and is invested to build our savings for the future. But from fossil fuels to tobacco, exploitation to extraction, these investments are often contradicting our values. That’s why we’re calling for our money to be invested in building a future we can be proud of, economies we can rely on, and an environment we can thrive in.

People don’t want to work for companies that are morally corrupt.

The question is: Where is your pension and how is it being invested?

How much control do you have over where your money is going.

How can we make saving engaging?

Comic Relief changed investments.

We can start talking to kids earlier about money.

Money used to be considered not the business of education but this is changing.

Advice on running successful charity campaigns.

Launch, launch and launch again.

Always have a couple of ideas.

Engage with popular culture.

Have young voices.

Make sure that underneath the words is a solid base. Then ignore it a bit and make the populist stuff and the 'inbetween' succeed.

On films and pop-culture

Films shift your understanding.

My films are like comfort food.

The idea of Comic Relief was that everyone should have the right to laugh freely.

The year 2020

#Metoo Movement, BLM, Climate Strikes

Build back better: I’m hoping that's we take from this year


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