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  • Romy Kraus

"Fashion is a generational genre. We have a nostalgic relation to what we grow up with" Virgil Abloh

At Websummit, the architect turned fashion designer and artistic director of Louis Vuitton talks about how gaming infiltrates and influences popular culture. From attending virtual concerts in Fortnite to decking out your avatar in Off-White gear in Animal Crossing, video games continue to leave their mark on every creative industry, including fashion, music and film.

On games, communities and impacts on fashion ...

Fashion is my real world game. Gaming is my virtual world. An increasing amount of influence comes out of video games. Games are now a social space and gaming is an essential part of building communities.

Fashion (and games) are generational genres. Every generation has a new younger generation and as we grow up we have a nostalgic relation to the things we grew up with.

On roots of culture

I didn’t come from Milan, Paris or London but there was something in US suburbs (growing up on the outskirts of Chicago) that was relevant.

If you put your blinders on and just sit in the silo of fashion.... What is fashion - it is giving an emotion or equity. It is belonging to a culture or community.

In essence I’ve always entered the world of design through culture. Not only in fashion.

This is the time to build bridges. The world is a better place if we acknowledge the communities around us - by all of us just being in conversation.


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