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  • Romy Kraus

"Work on your storytelling and the Why You and Why Now?" - Aileen Lee

More than 600 global private unicorns are valued (collectively) at almost US$2 trillion – the current valuation of Apple. Long-time venture capitalist Aileen Lee, who is known for coining the term 'unicorn', talked at Websummit about these billion-dollar startups.

On unicorns - a term she coined

A lot of today’s unicorns come from sectors that were not even on the list just 5 years ago. MedTech, EdTech, the Slack’s

Chances accelerated by the pandemic: collaboration, consumer health care, fintech, edtech, gaming, ... we’ve been waiting for these sectors to break open and there will be a lot more opportunities for startups.

On culture

It’s not just about hiring good people but retaining them.

On advice for startups

Work on your storytelling and the Why You and Why Now?

On the increasing importance of design and video

I'm interested in what products look like that are natively video. And how design shapes that.

The definition of design will broaden - from 'visual communication'. The people who call themselves engineers will call themselves designers. It’s like writers don’t call themselves word processors.


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