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  • Romy Kraus


Trend 1: Health, wellness and workplace safety

When it comes to healthcare and wellness, CES 2021 will be a showcase for "how companies think technology will benefit or change society."

Trend 2: Technology for blending work and personal lives

"For a year, we've been working out of our homes, and that trend probably isn't going to go away anytime soon for a lot of people."

Trend 3: 5G will become more mainstream

"5G is one of those enterprise technologies that underpins a lot of the end points, smart gadgets, the smart home tech, autonomous cars, telemedicine, all those technologies that are on display at CES need a way to communicate with themselves, with the cloud, and 5G, especially when combined with tech like edge computing really has the potential to provide almost real time communication and data transfer."

Trend 4: Innovations in how people interact with desktops and laptops

"Innovations around making those kinds of interactions better" are showing there is still life left in laptops and PCs, Ranger said.

Trend 5: All about EVs (electric vehicles) and autonomous driving

Trend 6: Mobility news will dominate

With MWC cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it's 2021 edition pushed until June 28 this year companies such as Samsung and Motorola are taking advantage of the timing and showcasing their new mobile devices during CES week.

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